The Best Phone for Seniors

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Recently I went to a cellphone store to try to buy a new cell phone and the problem that I had was, I couldn’t find a cellphone that I could use. There were a lot of phones that can take pictures and that sort of thing, but I really wanted a phone that would work well for me.

Unfortunately, when you get a bit older, the numbers on these cell phones get hard to dial because they are so small! The cellphones are so small these days it’s even hard to make sure that you’re talking properly into the phone.

It just doesn’t work properly. Well, the man who invented the cellphone has redesigned the cellphone and invented something even better! It’s called the Jitterbug. A very special cell phone.

Easy Controls

When you see the way that it looks, it has almost the same size but long enough and more different enough. Look what happens when you open it up: it fits your face! Which is pretty incredible.

The earpiece is at the ear is and the mouthpiece is at the mouth. But it even has a very special little form at the top of the phone that seals your ear, so the sound is even better.
It also has a volume control outside at the center that you just touch up and down that activates the volume on both your voice and also what you hear on the speaker phone.

Very Easy to Operate

Now the numbers are much larger and as you touch them all of the functions are back lit. Very easy to operate, no matter if it’s dark or if it’s light during the day. And what’s cool, you can put up to 60 phone numbers in this phone. You just scroll down the list, hit the button and it dials your number.
You hear better, you make better calls, it’s easier to operate, it doesn’t have all those other things in it, after all it’s a phone.

It’s a worry free, easy to operate telephone. By the way, the plans are really great. They start at $9.95 and they go on to about 200-300 minutes depending on your usage.