Why Choose the Jitterbug Phone?

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Compared to other modern phones that offer throngs of features that would drive even the most adept tech-junky crazy, the Jitterbug Phone is plain and simple. Instead of capitalizing on more innovations and mind-bending features, it focuses on keeping things simple. If you are looking for a phone that will be of much appeal and use for your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa, you really should give this a shot. No other phone brand or model in the market today offers features that are tailor-made to cater to the needs of individuals who are already starting to lose a little of their sight or hearing and want a cell phone that is simple to use.

Affordable and easy to use

In truth, the company that designed and manufactured this model aims to cater on a predominantly older market bracket.  As a proof of this, the Jitterbug Cell Phone comes with a speaker that is louder than a regular one. The speaker comes with ear pads to provide more comfort even to the most discriminating user. Since older folks also sometimes have a diminished sense of sight, the Jitterbug is designed with larger keypads so that users can easily read the characters and type their message on the phone. And perhaps, one of it’s most exemplary features is its super simple interface that provides a  straightforward operation that will appeal even to the most hardcore technophobe.

In short, the Jitterbug Phone is a great leap forward when it comes to function and efficiency geared to a market consisting mostly of the elderly and technophobes. A critique might be that the phone about is light on features, but as mentioned earlier on this article, Jitterbug phones are not designed to compete with feature-heavy models in the market today. It is an alternative to the onslaught of high-tech mobile phones that would be too much for people who are afraid of technology in the first place.

The Jitterbug is a cell phone created to provide an easy and affordable way to stay connected to your family and friends. It is designed to make phone calls, send text messages and listen to your voice mail with great ease. It has large back lit buttons, big numbers, easy navigation and friendly, US-based operators available to assist you anytime where ever you are.

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Jitterbug Pre-Paid Plans

Jitterbug Plus

The 5Star Responder, a Wireless Personal Security Device by GreatCall

It can happen in an instant. You get separated from your child. Your Dad isn’t feeling right and he’s not sure what to do. Should he call 9-1-1? Or you just feel uneasy walking to your car. Do you think your child knows what to do? Or would your dad? And what about you?

With the Jitterbug 5 Star Responder, it’s easy to see what to do: just push the big button and you can immediately ask for help. Just one touch and you will be immediately connected to the 5 Star Response Agents. Using the GPS technology and location analysis, these Certified Agents can exactly determine where you are, get in touch with family and friends and dispatch 9-1-1 emergency service to get you the help you need. With 5 Star Urgent Response, you can have help right at your fingertips.

How easy is it to operate?

The Jitterbug is a service and cellphone for the elderly.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that many older people seem uncoordinated. We tend to lose some of our motor control as we age.

How easy is the Jitterbug Phone to operateThe Jitterbug has a large bulbous shape and feels comfortable in the hand. It’s easy to grip, even for frail fingers.

The buttons also take frail fingers into account. They are large and easy to press and each one has a large label, so you can read the number from a distance.
The ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buttons above the numbers are part of the menu system, which we will discuss later.

When you open the phone, a dial tone sounds from the speaker, so that you know that the phone is turned on. At the top of the phone at the inside, there is a large piece of rubber ring which cushions the phone against the ear and shields it from outside noises while calling.

The Jitterbug Menu

the Jitterbug Phone is easy to operateThe menu shows a series of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. You press ‘yes’ to go into the current menu or ‘no’ to go on to the next one.
The first one is Voice Dial, which uses speaker-independent voice recognition, based on the names in the contact list. If we press ‘no’ to go on to the contact list, you will see that it just simply list name and phone number.
This can either be edited on the phone itself or you can actually add new ones through a web interface when you order the phone.

The Battery Charger

jitterbug cell phoneThere is a call history, a voice mail status screen and finally the phone status screen. Which also has your only battery indicator and signal strength indicator.
Because the battery indicator is on the status screen, the only time you actually find out your battery is low, is when the message ‘CHARGE BATTERY’ flashes on the screen right after you open the cell phone.
Not exactly what we would consider a warning; the message is green and it’s only up there for about a total of a second!

Where to recharge the battery isn’t going to be any easier either. You have to find a very tiny hole and put a very small plug into it. Not something that we think that frail old hands are going to be able to do.
Which is too bad, considering how thoughtful Jitterbug and Samsung are about everything else.

Other than the charger, the Jitterbug Cell Phone and the service pretty much take all of the needs of an aging person into account.

The Best Phone for Seniors

Recently I went to a cellphone store to try to buy a new cell phone and the problem that I had was, I couldn’t find a cellphone that I could use. There were a lot of phones that can take pictures and that sort of thing, but I really wanted a phone that would work well for me.
Unfortunately, when you get a bit older, the numbers on these cell phones get hard to dial because they are so small! The cellphones are so small these days it’s even hard to make sure that you’re talking properly into the phone.
It just doesn’t work properly. Well, the man who invented the cellphone has redesigned the cellphone and invented something even better! It’s called the Jitterbug. A very special cell phone.

Easy Controls

When you see the way that it looks, it has almost the same size but long enough and more different enough. Look what happens when you open it up: it fits your face! Which is pretty incredible.
The earpiece is at the ear is and the mouthpiece is at the mouth. But it even has a very special little form at the top of the phone that seals your ear, so the sound is even better.
It also has a volume control outside at the center that you just touch up and down that activates the volume on both your voice and also what you hear on the speaker phone.

Very Easy to Operate

Now the numbers are much larger and as you touch them all of the functions are back lit. Very easy to operate, no matter if it’s dark or if it’s light during the day. And what’s cool, you can put up to 60 phone numbers in this phone. You just scroll down the list, hit the button and it dials your number.
You hear better, you make better calls, it’s easier to operate, it doesn’t have all those other things in it, after all it’s a phone.

It’s a worry free, easy to operate telephone. By the way, the plans are really great. They start at $9.95 and they go on to about 200-300 minutes depending on your usage.