Best Cell Phone for Seniors Review

Product Details1   Product Details2   Product Details3   Product Details4 The Jitterbug phone is one of the latest cell phones for our well-loved seniors. This is a sleek and powerful model with several features that the user will surely love. The Jitterbug is considered as one of the best models of cell phone for the elderly. The components on the phone are manufacture through Samsung Electronics and licensed with proprietary technology.

This can be an ideal phone for seniors, wherein they can be able to enjoy the features and they will be able to have the chance to enjoy this best offering of technology.

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Design of the Jitterbug Phone The Jitterbug phone is a product designed and manufactured by Samsung. This phone is a more narrowly designed flip phone. It has the overall measurement of 3.06 inches, a length of 0.77 inches and has the weight of 3.76 ounces.

The Jitterbug phone can be tuck into the front or back pockets. The plastic build of this phone is also very smooth as if it is coated with a small layer of gloss, which provides a more luxurious feeling.

When it comes to the front side of the phone, it has a 1.3 inch display, an ideal feature of the phone that displays the date, day of week or time in bold and black lettering. On the top of this phone is a small light that effectively flashes each time there’s a call coming in. It has a decent 1.3 megapixel camera. On its left portion is the volume adjuster with the 3.5 mm headphone jack as well as the Micro-USB port for you to charge.

When it comes to the number pad of the Jitterbug phone, it is big and simple to read. This is ideal for seniors who are already have the difficulty to read small letters or numbers. This is the best phone for seniors who are looking for a functional and easy to use handheld device.

Features of the Jitterbug Phone

There are several great reasons why you need to choose the Jitterbug phone. The phone has the capacity to store over 50 contacts, not bad for a senior to use. As you purchase the phone, you can select the right network applicable for your handset.

Phonebook Options

There are a number of ways on how you can add numbers in your phone’s contact list aside from manually typing them on your phone. You can also call your network to ask for assistance to enter the numbers on your phone in case you are finding it hard to enter the numbers yourself.

Send Txt Messages

With the Jitterbug phone, it will also enable the user to read and send text messaging, check the voice mail, check the call history and connect to Bluetooth. The settings has an available five colors such as blue, red, gray and black and can be adjusted in three various levels of the volume.


A calendar is also included in the Jitterbug phone. It can be an ideal option to help you add some events in specific day, weeks or months. Adding some events in this phone is very easy. Setting a schedule through your phone is very ideal to be sure that you will not miss any important events or appointments.


As compared to other high-end phones in the market, the Jitterbug may not have impressive camera features like flash or other. However, it is a decent choice if you are looking for a cell phone with a camera. This is an ideal option to be sure that you capture the important events of your loved ones. You can keep these pictures in your phone to have a simple keepsake that will remind you of the wonderful times.

Helpful Apps

As this cell phone is designed for elderly, some network providers can provide several wellness and emergency applications that is included in this device. These applications that might be provided by the network provider are a great help especially during dangers or emergencies. This is an excellent choice for you to have the perfect application that can help you in case of emergency.


When it comes to performance, Jitterbug phone for seniors is also a great choice if you are in the hunt for a well-performing phone. The Jitterbug phone can be a great help if you are looking for the best performing phone out there. The price of the Jitterbug is also very affordable. The Jitterbug phone is certainly an excellent option if you are looking for the best phone for seniors.

Most seniors do not want to use a cell phone because they are afraid to use it but communication these days is very important especially in times of emergencies. In just one dial you can now call your loved ones.

In conclusion, this phone may not have the best features just like other high-end phones has but the Jitterbug phone can be an ideal option for granny or grandpa. The Jitterbug phone contains some of the top features that are incomparable for senior’s needs.

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Recently I went to a cellphone store to try to buy a new cell phone and the problem that I had was, I couldn’t find a cellphone that I could use. There were a lot of phones that can take pictures and that sort of thing, but I really wanted a phone that would work well for me. Unfortunately, when you get a bit older, the numbers on these cell phones get hard to dial because they are so small!

The cellphones are so small these days it’s even hard to make sure that you’re talking properly into the phone. It just doesn’t work properly. Well, the man who invented the cellphone has redesigned the cellphone and invented something even better! It’s called the Jitterbug. A very special cell phone. When you see the way that it looks, it has almost the same size but long enough and more different enough.

Look what happens when you open it up: it fits your face! Which is pretty incredible. The earpiece is at the ear is and the mouthpiece is at the mouth. But it even has a very special little form at the top of the phone that seals your ear, so the sound is even better. It also has a volume control outside at the center that you just touch up and down that activates the volume on both your voice and also what you hear on the speaker phone.

Very Easy to Operate

Now the numbers are much larger and as you touch them all of the functions are back lit. Very easy to operate, no matter if it’s dark or if it’s light during the day. And what’s cool, you can put up to 50 phone numbers in this phone. You just scroll down the list, hit the button and it dials your number.

You hear better, you make better calls, it’s easier to operate, it doesn’t have all those other things in it, after all it’s a phone. It’s a worry free, easy to operate telephone. By the way, the plans are really great. They start at $9.95 and they go on to about 200-300 minutes depending on your usage.

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